Korean Premium Spirits, “HWAYO Hawaii Banquet”, commemorating the 115th anniversary of Korean American Immigrants

• On March 27th & 29th ‘HWAYO Hawaii Banquet’ will be held for Hawaii local opinion leaders and Korean residents… HWAYO the key sponsor for the 115th Anniversary Celebration of Korean Immigrants
• HWAYO Cocktail paired with Korean Cuisine, a Michelin 3 star ‘Gaon’ “To make an opportunity to vitalize overseas market by letting them know the excellence of our liquor that pairs wonderfully with not only Korean cuisine but also local cuisine”

No.1 Korean premium spirits ‘HWAYO’ will make its appearance at the Korean cuisine ‘HWAYO Hawaii Banquet’ for 2 days on 27th and 29th of this month to celebrate the 115th anniversary of Korean American Migration.

As a key sponsor of the 115th celebration of Hawaii Korean migration, supervised by the non- profit organization Korean American Foundation Hawaii(KAFH), a foundation that spreads around information regarding cultural heritage and history of Korea, HWAYO will meet Hawaiian opinion leaders and local Korean residents. HWAYO plans to spur the US market in full swing starting from this dinner event in Hawaii where tourists from around the world visit.

‘HWAYO Hawaii Banquet’ is an event organized to introduce and bring attention to our food culture and liquor through pairing Korean cuisine with HWAYO. Participants will experience the very Korean-style menu of a Michelin 3 starred Korean cuisine ‘Gaon’ along with HWAYO. On March 27th, the event will be held at the Waialae Country Club for local residents, and on 29th, at MW restaurant for local partied concerned. Cho Tae-kwon, the CEO of HWAYO, and Lucia Cho, the CEO of Gaon Society of Food Service Division, will attend the events and introduce HWAYO to the local residents.

The two-day event will include a Korean-style cuisine presented by Chef, Park Eun-jo of Michelin 3 starred ‘Gaon’, such as Fried Back Ribs, Strip Loin Wrap with HWAYO cocktails provided together. Using HWAYO 41 as a cocktail base, two tasteful cocktails will be presented to introduce the excellence of Korean liquor; the bittersweet ‘Hong(紅_red)’ and the ‘Gold Stone’ with nuts and flower scent.

Having caused a stir in the liquor industry by announcing the splendid rebirth of Korean traditional Soju, HWAYO leads the Korean hard liquor market and is rapidly emerging to become a favorite alcoholic beverage for those who love to drink as well as the young people. KwangJuYo is the only Korean food culture company that has been leading the Korean-style culture by introducing the concept of ‘globalization of Korean cuisine’ to Korea and the world for the first time. There is a strong belief that the world will learn about the excellence of Korean food culture through high-quality Korean porcelain tableware(KwangJuYo) which is combined with excellent unique dishes(Korean cuisine restaurant Gaon, Bicena) and fine liquor(HWAYO).

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