step 01

Rice 100%

Distilled with 100% rice and natural rock water collected from 150-meter deep underground.
There is no hangover and you can feel the unique and rich scent of rice.

 step 02

Vacuum distillation

HWAYO Vacuum Distillation which lowers the pressure and boils at low temperature.
This method eliminates the smell of yeast, burnt alcohol and bitter taste to differentiate HWAYO from other Korean alcoholic beverages.

 step 03


After fermentation and distillation process, HWAYO is matured in the breathing Ongi (Korean clay pots) for 180 days.
Ongi maturation enables us to feel ingredients flavor more deeply and to get soft and clean distilled liquor, HWAYO.

 step 04

Pure cultured microorganisms

HWAYO keeps the clean taste without any stench by using cultivated microbe.

 step 05


HWAYO is more than a distilled liquor made from the finest ingredients available,
matured in the breathing Ongi(Korean clay pots) with no artificial additives added.

 step 06

Korean Style design

The bottle was reinterpreted in the modern and sophisticated design of the 12th century Goryeo celadon (porcelain) “Cheolhwayanglyumun Tonghyeongbyeong” designated as National Treasure No.113. On the surface of the bottle, the natural bend of Korean ceramics is expressed. The bottle is symbolized from the spirit of the traditional pottery “Kwangjuyo” and it also proudly represents its magnificent stance on the shoulder line.